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What Is Same Day Wait And Return Courier Services

What if you need a package delivered and want it returned as soon as possible? In this case, you will have to hire two separate courier services, one to deliver the package initially and then another to get it returned which is not efficient at all. This is where wait and return services come into play. Wait and return courier services provide you with a dedicated driver who will deliver your package, wait for the package, and return it back to you. This will allow you to focus on your other day-to-day activities while we take care of your delivery for you. Most businesses use these services as they cannot afford to waste their time on these deliveries which take a reasonable amount of time out of the day.

If you are looking for a trusted same-day wait and return courier service provider, look no further.

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    We Pick Up Your Packages Within 1 Hour!

    Why Choose Us For Your Wait And Return Delivery Service?

    We have the means and competence to perform any type of delivery service we advertise on, with over 7 years in the sector. We always go above and above for our customers, putting our hard-earned reputation on the line in our deliveries. As a result, you can be assured that you will receive the service described during the delivery process. To ensure that our delivery process operates smoothly and without problems, we have worked with professional and well-established forwarders in the UK and around the world. We also have a professional staff of well-trained and certified drivers that will make it their number one priority to deliver your items on schedule and in perfect condition.

    Here at AAWI Enterprise, we have some of the best drivers in the UK who are well trained and certified and who will make it their primary objective to deliver, wait, and return back your packages as fast as possible and as securely as possible.

    Situations Where Wait And Return Services Are Applicable To.

    There are several instances where a service like wait and return is applicable to. For example, if you have urgent documents that you need to deliver for a signature and want them delivered back, wait and return is a great service to obtain. Also, if you have medical supplies that need testing and want to get delivered back the results, this is also a great use case of wait and return delivery services.

    Our Wait And Return Courier Services Are Available for UK Wide Deliveries.

    Most people think that since wait and return services require a lot of effort and time we only provide the service in certain cities, but in reality, we provide our service all around the UK. Therefore, no matter where you are, we can help you with your wait and return deliveries.

    See What Our Customers Say About Us

    Stewart Wallace

    AAWI Enterprise is very dependable, I had my confidential letters delivered on time and securely.  Highly recommended!

    Mahbuba Kaur

    Very fast and impressive. I has some urgent items delivered and they picked up my goods within an hour. Will use them again. 

    Phillip Frost

    Really impressed and happy with their service. Had my furniture delivered to my new place overnight.

    What You Get From our Service

    100% Goods Security Guaranteed

    Choose Your Own Vehicle Type

    Flexible & Fast Delivery Services

    Our Easy 4 Step Booking Process

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    Call us on any of our hotlines mentioned below.

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    Discuss your delivery requirement.

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    Schedule a delivery with us over the phone.

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    Get Your Goods Delivered Fast And Safe.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wait And Return Services.

    What Packages Sizes Do We Accept?

    We accept packages of all sizes and weights. Therefore, whatever the size of your delivery is, we can handle it.

    Are We Able To Get Wait And Return Services on Two Man Delivery Services?

    Yes, you can link the two services and get the best of both worlds.

    Do We Operate 24/7?

    Yes, we operate 24/7/365. We are always at your service right when you need us.

    Can You Choose A Vehicle?

    Of course, you have the full freedom to choose what type of vehicle your goods should be transported by. We are also available for you to consult on this if you are not sure what vehicle to choose.

    How Long Will It Take To Pick Your Package Up?

    We will pick up your package within one hour of booking.

    Are You Able To Track Your Delivery?

    Yes, If you request to track your delivery when booking, you will be provided all the information on how you can do so.

    Have any more Questions you need answering?

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