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Same Day Delivery Vs Next Day Delivery

Same Day Delivery Vs Next Day Delivery

Are you a business owner or an individual that is looking to deliver something? If so, are you aware that there are several courier delivery options that you could choose from?

The most commonly used courier delivery services in the UK are Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery.

Whether you are a business owner who delivers goods to your customers on a regular basis or an individual who delivers goods occasionally, knowing what these two delivery services are will benefit you greatly.

With that said, let’s dive right in.

1. What is Same Day Delivery?

As the name itself suggests, same-day delivery is when the courier company picks up the package/goods that you desire to deliver and delivers it on the same day. This is a great delivery method for urgent deliveries such as urgent letters and time-specific deliveries such as medical samples among other things.

Usually, a well-reputed courier service company will pick up your goods within one hour of service confirmation.

Although this is a great option for both business owners and individuals, the cost of such a service is a bit high than the standard delivery service. The average price for such same-day deliveries usually depends on several factors such as the type of delivery vehicle needed, the type of goods being delivered, and many more. The prices may vary from courier company to company as well.

Also, you should note that same-day delivery services do not only handle small goods, depending on the courier company, some handle bulk loads as well when delivering on the same day.

Same-day delivery statistics: “33% of online shoppers believed that same-day delivery options were important back in 2020, that figure has now risen to 56%.” – source: chargedretail.co.uk

2. What is Next Day Delivery?

Next-day delivery is when your delivery company makes the delivery on the very next day of pickup or placing the order. This type of delivery service is faster than standard delivery services which usually have a delivery time span of two to five days.

Next-day delivery services cost a bit more than standard delivery services and the average price will usually vary from delivery company to company and on other factors just like in same-day delivery services.

Next-day delivery services are also well suited for not so urgent deliveries but to those which need to be delivered within the next day of placing the order, not in two to three days. A lot of e-commerce businesses give the next-day delivery option at an additional cost to their customers as well.

Unlike same-day delivery services, next-day delivery services provide both the sender and the delivery company more time to make the delivery in terms of packaging and pickups.

Which one should you choose, same-day delivery or next-day delivery?

There you go, a clear definition of both same-day and next-day delivery. Now that you know about both the delivery services, which one should you choose?

The decision is really simple and usually depends on you and your requirement.

If you have urgent goods to be delivered such as medical samples, confidential letters, or any other type of goods that you need to be delivered within the day, you should go for same-day delivery service. Although the price of service may be a bit high than standard delivery service, your goods will be delivered on time with this service.

On the other hand, if you have goods that have a bit more wiggle room in terms of time, the next-day delivery service will be best suited for you.

If you are still not sure which delivery service to choose, reach out to your delivery company and request their assistance.

Make sure to reach out to a good courier delivery company that provides honest assistance instead of forcing you to opt in for the most expensive service and that of a company that makes sure your goods are delivered on time and safely.

If you are interested, we here at AAWI Enterprise provide all these delivery services and we will be happy to assist you if you contact us here.